The AdoptedKeralite has returned to writing!

Dear Readers,

It’s been more than one year since I last posted here.

Sasmita is now my wife. She arrived from India in July of 2012, and we were married in August. We live in DC, and she has a full-time job as a nanny on the Hill, while I search for employment.

After pondering this blog’s future, and realizing that I could never erase it in good conscience, I’ve decided to re-start this blog as my primary writing outlet.

I will still occasionally cross-post here, but LGA itself is going in new directions.

This blog will be chiefly about my journey as an Indian adoptee, and navigating through life as a “world citizen.”

However, I will add other focuses, including more posts about India, comprising of book reviews, movie thoughts, political musings, guest bloggers and my take on current events and contemporary issues.

I will also write more about the world of conflict resolution and peace-building as those concepts are some of my biggest passions. In particular I will write about those things in an Indian context, but through the lens of an Indian adoptee.

The other change is delivering more content, but I will also keep the entries shorter. I will continue to pen long pieces, but not as often. Hopefully writing more consistently will eliminate the need to post paragraph upon paragraph of writing every single time I make a new entry.

Because I am also on the job hunt, many people have remarked to me that I need to increase my presence on the web. Doing more writing will accomplish that.

That’s a quick update, so stay tuned for some ‘new’ posts, to this blog, that were previously published at LGA.

Thanks for reading and as always your feedback.


  1. Here you go.Good re-start I have always enjoyed reading most of the posts in the past. But I think I am more curious now to read the upcoming posts. I always wished that you write more and be regular on your post but things are now better working I guess. So good luck dear husband.

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