India’s Newest President is Dalit.

His name is Ram Nath Kovind and he’s Dalit (formerly known as untouchable). You may read that he’s Dalit, viewing his election as a great sign of progress against caste oppression. Here, you say, is an example of someone from the bottom of India’s development ladder. Now, he’s the President of the world’s largest democracy.… Continue reading India’s Newest President is Dalit.

Should India seek British Reparations for Colonialism?

Perhaps, but they should look internally as well, realizing they bear plenty of responsibility for their underdevelopment. In mid-July 2015, MP Shashi Tharoor gave an impassioned plea for Indian reparations after more than 200 years of British colonialism. You can watch the 15-minute clip below. Many Indians, both in the country and abroad lauded his words.… Continue reading Should India seek British Reparations for Colonialism?

Are you familiar with manual scavenging?

1.3 million Indians clean shit off the street…with their hands. Of that total, 97% are women. They know no other life. To visualize that number, picture a city like Dallas, Texas, Montreal, Canada or Prague, Czechoslovakia. Now imagine if every single person in those cities, cleaned toilets by hand. That would equal the approximate number… Continue reading Are you familiar with manual scavenging?

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One of the more surprising revelations after living in India in 2011, was learning that the Dalits, formerly the “untouchables,” are no fans of Mahatma Gandhi. Coming from the United States and Western society in general, the Mahatma is held up as a paragon of non-violence and civil disobedience. I would guess that most in the US consider his life and his work as one of the most selfless, incredibly beautiful and inspiring of the modern world. The belief is less in India.

Back from India, Now a Master

Hello everyone. I’m back. Or more accurately, this blog is back. It has been months since I updated, but I’m working on some new posts to be published in the following weeks. I have been stateside (mostly adjusted by now) since mid-June, finished my MA degree in Conflict Resolution in August and now I’m in… Continue reading Back from India, Now a Master