Cricket Unites and Caste Cleaves

India is a land that is really thousands of diverse countries under one flag. Different religions, varying tongues, a myriad of food options, dissimilar dressing styles, sundry climates, a plethora of political affiliations and parties etc… I could go on ad-nauseam. But there is one thing unites this vast nation unlike anything else — cricket.

Back from India, Now a Master

Hello everyone. I’m back. Or more accurately, this blog is back. It has been months since I updated, but I’m working on some new posts to be published in the following weeks. I have been stateside (mostly adjusted by now) since mid-June, finished my MA degree in Conflict Resolution in August and now I’m in… Continue reading Back from India, Now a Master

A Whole Other World–My Dalit Village Visit.

The plastic glass of water teetered precariously on a simple metal tray. An unknown amount of eyes were glued on me, riveted to my every movement. The water before me was mixed with lemon; I could see the seeds floating in the water, along with pieces of pulp. No doubt, it would clench my thirst.… Continue reading A Whole Other World–My Dalit Village Visit.

Still an Outsider-but that’s OK

Hello from Delhi, In puzzling over what my first post from India should say, I decided to be more philosophical, real and shy away from the day to day narrative of my life here. Perhaps that will come later. This post, however, is more of a reflection on my evolution of thought, as an Indian… Continue reading Still an Outsider-but that’s OK

Two Contrasting Experiences

Over the course of the past three weeks I’ve had two interactions with people regarding international adoption. Both were curious to know my thoughts on the topic because I was adopted. But their reasons for talking about the subject were vastly different.

Does Transnational Adoption=Cultural Genocide?

Recently I’ve heard people discuss international adoption and those who decry the practice say it’s a form of “cultural genocide.” Really?! It was referenced here as a reason some people are against international adoption.” I have a real problem calling international adoption “cultural genocide.”

A Mea Culpa and some Clarification- Part Two

In my last post here, I discussed ways in which a child stay connected with their birth culture. Over time I think there has been more of an emphasis placed on helping an adopted child stay in touch with their heritage than there was 20 years ago or more.

Musings on the “Benefits of International Adoption.”

My apologies for such a long time in between posts! Since I’m a DC resident I’ve been dealing with the snow, and that coupled with my graduate school studies have kept me quite busy. I’ve got some new posts in the pipeline coming soon, so be patient with me. Some of you may have seen… Continue reading Musings on the “Benefits of International Adoption.”

The Haitian Adoption Conundrum

At the risk of sounding too negative, and as awful as the events are in Haiti, a family must be fully prepared emotionally if they are going to adopt a Haitian earthquake orphan. To want to save the kids is a rational, human response, but that doesn’t make adoption the right one.