An Indian Adoptee Reclaims His Voice in the Desi Diaspora
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My Podcast – ‘The Fairy Tale of an Indian Adoptee’

A few years ago, shortly after returning from India and meeting Sasmita, I sat down with my good friend Kevin Haebeom Vollmers for a half hour interview in three ten-minute segments.

Land of Gazillion Adoptees Podcast, Episode 10, aka, The Fairy Tale of Indian adoptee A.J. Bryant

Part 1

Topics covered: Indian adoptees, Jersey Shore, Washington, DC living, working/traveling to India.

Click on the link below.
–>AJ Bryant Podcast 1 <–

Part 2

Topics covered: World Citizens Blog, Indian adoptee/Korean adoptee similarities, traveling to/living in the “homeland,” finding love in the “homeland.”

Click on the link below.
–>AJ Bryant Podcast 2<– 

Part 3

Topics covered: finding love in the “homeland,” discovering self in the “homeland.” visiting place of birth.

Click on the link below.
–>AJ Bryant Podcast 3<– 


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