Blog’s First Birthday

Last week was my one year anniversary of beginning this blog. That is hard for me to believe.

To begin with I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has read my scribbling on this page. It thrills me to know that people are reading and commenting on what I have written. I have enjoyed your thought-provoking words and being challenged by you all. That is why I wrote this blog. I don’t claim to have answers. I merely write from my own experience. Thanks for allowing me to explore the “adoption box,” with you in a public forum.

It’s been wonderful to hear some of your stories. Thanks for sharing them. It’s has been enlightening for me to read thoughts from adoptive mothers and fellow adoptees, as well as those who are merely interested in the adoption arena. Whether by remarks on this site, in person or through email, I’m grateful for your interest in the topic, and that what I’m writing has caused you contemplation.

Please keep reading and commenting. I’m working on some new posts and appreciate each of my readers who make this blog a success.


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